Be Inspired By These Podcasts

We’re posting this link to some great podcasts not to illustrate any particular approach or technique that might be worth emulating, which is our usual practice, but just because they’re great stories. They’re posted here to provide inspiration. And because they make a point.

We hear a lot about newspapers struggling to develop multimedia storytelling platforms because the skills needed for those platforms are lacking among those trained to report and write or photograph.

And while new teams and new categories of journalists are helping to develop video, audio, big data, virtual reality, mobile and more, the basics of good journalism hasn’t changed. The art of good journalism is just getting people to talk. The rest is presentation.

To those who say newspaper journalists don’t have the skills for multimedia, we say those skills can be learned. Good journalism transcends the form, and a good story will always shine through.

So listen to these podcasts and be inspired. Talk to their creators (and to us). Hire them. This form is made for us.

(Photo courtesy of Nick Youngson via the Blue Diamond Gallery)


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