Video: The Institute’s perspective on digital transformation

After Dietmar Schantin spoke at the eZ Conference in Paris on the theme “Beyond the Web”, he was asked by the organizers for his views on the Institute for Media Strategies’ holistic approach to digital transformation.

The interview is a bit raw; the questions were not included in the recording. Nevertheless, it is worth watching. Dietmar, the founder and CEO of the Institute, brings a unique perspective to digital transformation, having worked with media companies on four continents.

“I think one of the most important things is to think it through from the beginning and find the connections between the different elements: it is people, it is technology, it is workflow, it is product,” Dietmar says.

But the most important element, he says, is understanding the market and consumers and their demands. “Many questions are answered almost automatically if you understand the market and what needs to be done,” he continued. “The ‘how’ becomes much clearer if you think about the ‘why’, with the customer in focus first.”



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