Top Subject on Ad Blog? Newspapers, by the Late Suzanne Raitt.

Suzanne Raitt was one of the most effective advocates for the power of newspaper advertising until her untimely death from cancer in May 2015. One of the last things she wrote is still making waves.

Suzanne’s “6 Reasons to Advertise in Newspapers”, posted in March 2015 just months before her death, is the number one most viewed post on INMA’s Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog in the past year.

For those of us who knew her, it is odd to see Suzanne’s byline once again pop up in our news feeds. But there are good memories of her presence at numerous international conferences. As the Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Newspapers Canada, Suzanne was well known both in Canada and internationally for her research, which was often the highlight of the conferences where she presented it.

So it’s worth revisiting: in terms of audience engagement, no media comes close to newspapers. But Suzanne could always say it better than we could: 6 Reasons to Advertiser In Newspapers.

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