3-phase plan for media leadership coaching


We often work on developing skills for self-leadership and for the leadership and management of others across three major phases of change processes.

  • Phase 1: Setting out ideas and making editorial strategies
  • Phase 2: Implementing strategies into tangible activities
  • Phase 3: Steadying and Improving activities

Our coaching sessions are conducted by a team of experienced professionals both on-site and at distance and are built around the specific issues that concern newsroom leaders and what they hope to achieve. The support includes help in identifying problematic issues, creating a plan to manage them, and implementing the plan.

We begin with meetings to ascertain what is needed, and then build a unique routine of sessions. They can be daily, twice weekly or monthly depending on the situation. Flexible programs are tailor-made for each member of staff based on their particular situation.

A typical coaching program might involve monthly meetings on-site, with teleconferences once or twice a week; the meetings can occur more or less frequently, depending on circumstances.

Sessions are usually conducted one-to-one and also can involve pairs or small groups (max 3).

Typical leadership areas for Editor-in-Chief/Managing Editor  coaching includes:

  • Going from peer to boss: How to deal with becoming the newly appointed boss of your old friends in the newsroom
  • Structuring new projects and changes processes for the newsroom
  • Implementing the cultural change for digital transformation in the newsroom
  • Communicating new editorial strategies and change processes throughout the organisation
  • Setting goals and progressive structures in the newsroom
  • Defining skills building programs
  • Leading effective meetings and discussions
  • Time management and efficient organisation of leadership tasks
  • Working effectively with departments outside of editorial
  • How to communicate and implement new organisation structures
  • Building a productive and creative newsroom working environment
  • Dealing with difficult situations

Typical leadership areas for Section Heads coaching includes:

  • Bring digital/new change into the daily life of your section
  • Time management and efficient organisation of leadership tasks in sections
  • Setting goals and progressive structures for your structure
  • Managing one to ones with your team
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Improving structures for your team
  • Dealing with difficult situations and conversations

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