Success stories

IFMS - First NZME news conference in the new NZME Central building. 13 December 2015

‘New Zealand Herald’ – Bringing Radio into the world of digital and print publishing


Just before last Christmas, a group of journalists at New Zealand‘s biggest media company gathered around an oblong-shaped high table to talk about the stories of the day. It was the first- ever conference in the brand new newsroom NZME had been developing since early in 2015 and the beginning of a unique editorial integration between radio and publishing.

Managing Editor Shayne Currie and Project Leader Mike van Niekerk share their experience from the transformation project ‘Hikurangi’.



IFMS case Study: Newly HT Newsroom in New Delhi, India,
IFMS_Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times – Mobile, social and data as drivers for reinventing the news operation

India is currently witnessing an explosion in digital communication and newspapers are begin- ning to embrace it as an ally, not shun it as an enemy as was once done in the West. One such paper is the Hindustan Times, the second-largest English-language newspaper in the country and flagship paper of HT Media, the second-largest media group.

Mobile, data and social media have become crucial success factors in a media landscape where print is still regarded as the main platform for news publishers. Nic Dawes, Chief Editorial and Content Officer, and Rajesh Mahapatra, Executive Editor, give an unique insight into this challenging journey that started back in 2014.


IFMS Kleine Zeitung

‘Kleine Zeitung’ – Total make-over of an Austrian Institution

In many ways, Austria‘s Kleine Zeitung (‘little newspaper’) does not live up to its name. Not only is it by far the widest read regional newspaper with over 800.000 print readers in this nation of 8.5 million inhabitants, it is also the countrys second best-selling daily newspaper.

In its digital transformation project, the Kleine Zeitung has taken a new approach and doing things the ‘little way’ by focusing first on the mobile, the platform of the present and near future.


IFMS Västerbottens Kuriren

‘Västerbottens-Kuriren’ – Success with paid content in the regional press

A mere change in the layout and workflow in the editorial department would not be enough to develop and grow a brand whose core group of subscribers was over 70 years old while the age group that should have been increasing, the 31- to 40-year-olds, was in steady decline.

A cultural transformation was called for, one that would involve each and every member of staff across the board in a quest to reach new audiences with new ways of story-telling.

IFMS Luxemburger Wort

‘Luxemburger Wort’ – Calling for a complete culture change

Like many other newspapers around the world, Luxemburgs leading daily, the Luxemburger Wort, is faced with the challenge of adapting their editorial products, services, infrastructure and IT to the changing needs of a once traditional print audience. Over the last 2 years they have been working on transforming their organisation and make them ready for the digital future.