Magazines: How Print is Surviving the Digital Age

We love counterintuitive stories, and this one from the BBC is a doozy: when it comes to print publications, readers are attracted by hard news.

For those who say hard news doesn’t sell, the figures in recent months prove differently, at least for news magazines in the UK, which continues to have a substantial print market. Sales of news magazines are up, while fashion and entertainment magazine sales continue to fall.

There is some irony here. Though US President Donald Trump rails against “fake news” and what he calls failing news media, he is contributing mightily to increased sales.

Add Brexit, political turmoil in Europe, confrontations in Asia and other stories, and people have plenty of reasons to seek out print publications they trust.

Or, as Sarah Penny of the Fashion Monitor puts it: “I think that we can all agree that the past 18 months have been pretty tumultuous within current affairs. With the likes of Brexit and Trump’s election, the unsettled nature of society drives readers to seek out factual news and understand the effects on the economy for themselves from reputable titles that have an authoritative voice.”

Read the full story here.

Photo by Thomas Leuthard via Flickr and Creative Commons

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