“Frankfurter Neue Presse” runs IFMS cross-media journalism training programme

The Frankfurter Neue Presse (FNP), a regional newspaper in the heart of Germany, is conducting the biggest journalist training programme in its history, which makes a lot of sense when journalists need a wider variety of skills than ever before.

After the Luxemburger Wort, the Kleine Zeitung and Salzburger Nachrichten in Austria, Frankurter Neue Presse is the latest publishing house that signed up for the comprehensive  journalism training programme developed and run by the Institute for Media Strategies.

As part of its digital newsroom transformation project, FNP is conducting a series of workshops with on cross-channel regional journalism for its 100+ newsroom staff.

“We want our colleagues to open their minds to the digital world, to realise what has changed around them over the past few years or decades, and that they also muster up the courage to plunge right in,” says Editor-in-Chief Joachim Braun in this video that explains the training initiative and its results.

The skills needed for effective journalism continue to evolve. The workshops, begun in August 2016, provide participants with storytelling and production expertise for today’s wide variety of media channels.

“We must no longer differentiate between online journalists and print colleagues,” says Tobias Köpplinger, Director of FNP Online. “We try to work in a way that is media-neutral and integrated.”

“That is why each journalist should have a basic idea of how social media works, how attention-grabbing in the internet works,” he says. “How should we do the headlines? How should we do the teasers and create cliffhangers? How do we promise our users each and every day that every article they read will make them wiser than before, that they will get something out of it? If we can manage to do that, our users will come back.”

Watch the video (English subsitles available).

More on the Institute for Media Strategies can be found here.

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