Specialist Coaching and Mentoring program for media leaders


The Institute for Media Strategies’ coaching and mentoring programmes aims at improving the organisational and cultural robustness of the newsroom through developing the leadership skills of editorial decision makers. This ensures change plans can be implemented successfully despite uncertainty and resource challenges.

Our coaching and mentoring programs are aimed at Editorial decision makers such as Editors in Chief, Managing Editors, Section/department heads and internal change/project managers within editorial.

Sarah Schantin-Williams MA leads the coaching service having spent over the last decade working closely with editorial leaders and newsroom staff in implementing transformation in projects such as digitalisation, integration and editorial turnaround.

Our approach is client and solution led

We see the coaching processes as a powerful way to develop and expand leadership skills within the newsroom when carried out alongside a well-thought through strategic and transformation process.

Keeping the knowledge gained during change processes within the organisation is crucial. Our methods focus on working with the client to ensure they create their own maps and solutions with our guidance. This installs a deep sense of confidence in the client as they develop a strong sense of ownership of the change processes as well as keeping the learned knowledge ‘in-house’.

Typical areas of coaching include:

  • Implementing new strategies and change processes for the digital age
  • Designing new content strategies for multiple platforms
  • Designing and managing the communication of strategies to achieve staff commitment and help ensure successful implementation
  • Developing self-leadership during hectic change processes: stress management, self- organisation, presentation and oratorical coaching
  • Assessing staff for training development programs
  • Assessing staff for attitude, aptitude and potential
  • Increasing morale and creativity in the newsroom
  • Managing struggling and/or difficult team members
  • Succession planning in the newsroom

Some of Our Clients


  • Dietmar Schantin – Media strategy coaching for C-levels and decision makers
  • Sarah Schantin-Williams – Leadership Coaching for C-level and editorial decision makers including section editors
  • Larry Kilman – Editorial coaching for quality content strategies
  • Pascal Zemp – Editorial coaching for digital and print storytelling

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