The Handbook for Digital Newsroom Transformation

It has taken many years working with many newsrooms to develop the holistic approach that we at the Institute for Media Strategies employ when helping companies develop their digital newsroom strategies.

While all newsrooms are different, and strategies are individually tailored for each of them, newsrooms also have much in common. They can benefit from one another’s experiences as they move beyond digital integration to become profitable, sustainable and mission-driven companies in the modern media environment.

I have long thought about drawing on these experiences for a handbook that would benefit any newsroom facing the constant and disruptive change that marks the digital transformation process.

Not just an overview, but a deep look at all the areas that should be taken together in a successful digital transformation, including audience, products, workflows and structures, people, tools and technology, and architecture. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from this long experience, both at the Institute for Media Strategies and earlier in my career, and to understand better what management and staff can expect to occur throughout the process, the pitfalls and the successes – in short, what in my view and experience works and what might not. I hope others can benefit from this experience.

Thanks to the support of my friends, family and colleagues, the handbook is becoming a reality and will be published in coming months. I hope to start people thinking, and bring them to this realisation that change – not just piecemeal change, but wholesale change throughout the organisation – is the right thing to do.

Further updates will follow. The Handbook of Digital Media Transformation will come is later this year.

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